* OperaMini4.x to be modifed
* HxD hex editor
* WinRAR for extracting a.class, f.class and v file
* Computer/Pc
* pngout.exe program
* Paint
* Pixelformer
* Splash image in .png format
* Calculator Embedding the Skin on v file:

1. Open v file and the skin file in HxD hex editor.

2. Highlight all the contents of the skin file and copy it. You may press Ctrl+A then Ctrl +C. Take note of the value in Length indicator. This is the filesize of skin in hexadecimal.

3. Goto the v file tab and press Ctrl+F. Search for “png” text string.

4. Highlight the bytes starting from 89 50 4E 47 0D 0A 1A or the address 00001DA0 x 0E until the Lenght indicator reaches C7C.

5. Press Ctrl+V to embed the skin image on v file. Now we’re ready to change those addresses embedded in the v file. Change only the addresses enclosed with the blue boxes. These addresses are for unmodded v file and often times changes if modifications were already done on the v file.

6. Open the scientific calculator and put it in hex mode. If the filesize of the skin in hex is greater than C7C then subtract C7C from the filesize of the skin. If the filesize of the skin is less than C7C then subtract the filesize of the skin from C7C. Take note of the the answer.

Add the answer in procedure 6 to the address enclosed in a box in step 5. Change them accordingly to the result of adding or subtracting those embedded addresses

7. Save v file and exit HxD hex editor.

8. Open operamini 4.2 with WinRAR and drag the v file from the desktop to operamini.jar.

9. Click Ok and close WinRAR.

10. Finally, install your modified Operamini.jar on your phone or use microemulator on your computer to test your work.

Changing the Welcome Page

1: First, we need a webpage address. For this guide I will be using the address “” as my welcome page.

2. Open v file with HxD editor. Click the Edit menu then click on Replace. At the Search for box, type-in “” and at the Replace with box, type-in the URL of your welcome screen. Click OK.

3. Highlight all the text that are red color and takenote of the Length value. I got a 31 hex.

4. Change the hex value of the character just before “http” to the of length in step 3.

5. Now where done with editing the URL of the welcome screen.

The next thing to do is to change the embedded addresses on the v file. If the length value obtained in step 3 is equal to 27 hex, then proceed to the next procedure. If the length value obtained in step 3 is greater than 27 hex, then subtract 27 hex from the length and add the answer to each of the boxed addresses.

If the length value obtained in step 3 is less than 27 hex, then subtract it from 27 hex and subtract the answer to each of the boxed addresses.

6. Save v file and exit HxD.

7. Test your mod.

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