SpreadYourLikes is an exchange network where people trade Facebook Likes. Its members click the like button on websites or fanpages and in return they gain coins. These coins can be used to get more Facebook Likes for their own fanpages or websites. Many people get tired of not seeing anybody liking their Facebook page and have been looking for a way on How To Get Free Facebook Likes, I’ve giving this program a week checkup and testing with no kind of malicious suspect. Give it a try and it shall work out for you, but make sure you’ve finish reading this article before engaging in this program.

How To Get Started With SpreadYourLikes

Visit SpreadYourLikes.com and register an account with them and you are one step away.

SpreadYourLikes gives 50coins for registration which you can use to generate 50 Facebook likes or less, immediately this credit is finished you wouldn’t receive any Likes to your page until you have the total coins for each likes.

How To Use SpreadYourLikes

After successful registration with SpreadYourLikes, click on Add Website and add your website details in the 2 boxes provided then select the total coin to give out to the people who like your page or websites now save and you’re ready to receive likes.

Hints: The higher the coin you give out for each like, the faster your page receive new likes.

How To Gain Coins In SpreadYourLikes

You’ll get coin if you like other page on the site, to like page click on the like button above each page or website and you’ll gain the coin in green.

There are three ways of gaining coins in SpreadYourLikes as listed bellow.

i. Buying coins
ii. Clicking the Like button on each pages or websites
iii. Referral program

They sell their coins at an affordable prices, click on Get Coins To see their packages. You perform the ii&iii for now if you can’t afford buying coins, the choice is yours.

Note: I will advice you like pages that have the maximum coin “5″ and you also select the maxim coin “5″ for your page to receive immediate likes.

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