I’ve been getting lots of message concerning the way to transfer MB from one sim simply to another sim, so I’ve come with it which will be explain in a simple and understandable manner.

How To Transfer MB On/From Airtel To Airtel

This transfer of MB make lots of sense and get lots of feature if u know how to use it well. That’s left to you all.

This transfer of MB is stage by stage. Just continue reading.

To transfer airtel MB, just follow the bellow steps.

For 10MB: dial *141*712*11*recipent#

For 25MB: dial *141*712*9*recipent#

For 60MB dial *141*712*4*recipent#.

Note: There will be a deduction of #100 or 10MB from your account.

To understand more, Please dial *141*1#
and follow the voice prompts to get more
info about the bundle transfer.

How To Transfer MB On/From Etisalat To Etisalat

To transfer MB on etisalat network, just follow the following steps and you are done.

*229*recepient*Amount Of MB#


*229*recepient*Amount Of MB*pin#

After doing this, the total MB you specified will be transfered to the number you entered.

This really helps you wen your MB is about to finish the second day and you transfer to another sim and transfer back in the next day.

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