It really sucks when mobile users are paying #10,000 for 3gig and smartphones users are paying #1500 for 3gig on same network, ain’t that sounding negativity? What are this network providers trying to do? Are they trying to make every single person hang on with Blackberry smartphone? Hell no, that ain’t possible at all, at least if 65% use Blackberry otherss will be on mobile phones.

Unlike airtel blackberry subscription that cost #1200 for 1gig but i assure you, you’ll love this glo trick better than that airtel after reading it finish.

You know what? I ain’t sure this will work out when i want to try it out but i said something to myself, if i don’t risk it, who will and how will people get notified? I just wispher in my mind saying let me be a risk taker for just this seconds if at all i can’t be again.

Well its successfully done, just follow the steps bellow.

How To Subscribe For Glo BIS (Blackberry Internet Subscription)

Insert the GLO SIM card into any phone and do the bellow settings.

Send COWEEK as sms to 777 @ #400 with 700 MB worth of data

Send COMONTH as sms to 777 @ #1400 with 3GIG worth of data.

After all the above remove the sim and insert it in your modem then go to the next step.

How To Configure Your Modem To Browse With Glo BIS On PC

Insert your internet modem to your PC

From your modem menu, click on > Tools > Options > Profile Management. Under Profile Management, click on NEW and confugure the settings as shown bellow.

IP: Leave Empty
DIAL NO: *99#
PORT: Leave Empty
USERNAME: Leave Empty
PASSWORD: Leave Empty

Once you are done with the above settings. Save and go back to connection page then select Glo BIS and click on connect.

Now you are done and ready to surf the net with an amazing speed.

Now you can browse on your system and other internet enabled devices using Glo BB data plan.

Note: This is an unlimited data but it disconnect ocassionaly. Enjoy till it last

How To Configure Your Mobile Phone To Browse With Glo BIS

When you subscribed to the Glo BIS on your phone, just remove your battery and insert it back and configure your phone like this.

IP: Leave Empty
PORT: Leave Empty
USERNAME: Leave Empty
PASSWORD: Leave Empty

Send STATUS to 777 to check the status of your BIS plan.

When you are done with this, set the destination you created this settings in as Default and change its priority to 1.

You are good to go. You can now see this is more preferable than airtel trick.

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