Antivirus or Anti-Virus(AV) is software used to prevent, detect and remove malicious files which happens to be viruses. Most AntiVirus software also works against other types of malware, like malicious, keyloggers, backdoors, trojan horses.
Over the past years, Java Anti Virus has been in a high demand which no one has been able to get the working and reliable one..

If i may ask you a question, What do you need AntiVirus for on Java phone?

To tell you the fact there is no specific AntiVirus for Java phones, looking for java antivirus is just like wasting your time over something that doesn’t exist, but i’ll hint you some point to avoid hitting virus on your phone.

How To Avoid Virus On Your Java Phone

  • Don’t Download files from unknow websites
  • Put your Bluetooth visibility to Hidden when not in use
  • Only receive files from whom you know
  • Don’t overwork your phone
  • Don’t ever browse with native browser, always use operamini to browse
  • Don’t connect your phone to any PC
  • Don’t connect to cafe’s computer

If you are extra carefull with what i’v listed above, you phone will be free from Virus and you wouldn’t bother yourself looking for java AntiVirus.


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