How To Capture Full Web Page On Android


Going by the article title, you should have understood what i’m going to talk about, but for the sake of those who might still be confused, let me break it down a little.

Capturing a page is the act of snapshotting or screenshotting a page or web site. All android can only capture visible part of their screen and it comes with particular key combination to capture, on my Galaxy S4 it’s Power Button + Home key, and on some device it’s Back Key + Home Button whereas some android device capture upon device shake.

Sometimes i do wonder if i could possibly capture whole page of any website i visit, but later on after some time, i do find an app to do that and i’v been testing this app for the past one month and i’v never seen or experience any sort of bugs or crash upon capturing.

So now, lets get back to what you are for, actually, i won’t write long on this, i’ll make it understandable at first read.

Grab your phone and head to play store and search for or even follow this link WebSnap.

After successful download of this app, launch it and follow the labelled screenshot bellow as explained bellow the image.
Capture Full Web Page On Android

  • 1. Enter the URL address of the web page you wanted to capture.
  • 2. After the web page loads, click this to begin capture.
  • 3. If you wish to capture selected area, just click here and select where to capture on the screen.
  • 4. This is where you’ll find your captured page inside the app when its stored on your device.
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Note: This captured page might not show up in your gallery. You just need copy it out of its located folder to an existing folder that has image in it.

To locate where your just captured page was saved, just go to …My files > Device Storage > Web snap

Alternatively you can use this online tool (Web Screenshot) to capture full web page of any website if you find that a long way.

But i must tell you its just like visiting WebSnap website because you’ll also need to insert the url you wanted to capture in a provided box to trigger capturing and you’ll need to download the captured image in .png format to your Device, so i’d advice using the app but still its a matter of choice.

This is something, not Everybody need buts you might still need it for fun, so enjoy the fun with your friends.

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6 Discussion to this post

  1. mickey4mice says:

    if you use naked browser(NBPro), it has capture full website function built in, no need for a separate app for that.

    • Hi mickey4mice;

      That also add to the list of your app making it a separate app from your default browser but for it to be a browser embedded with the feature makes it looks Good but no one knows how the browser works until it’s used..

  2. Michelle Emiaha says:

    Not everyone needs this but i do. I screenshot everyday and this info will definitely be useful. Thanks for sharing it

    • Hi Michelle;
      Glad its useful to you, not everyone will find it useful as you do. And thanks for the time you spare to comment..

  3. korex says:

    thanks for the update. I will try the application out.

  4. Praiz says:

    Great tip I have been looking for a way to capture full web page with my android device. Thanks for this article.

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