How To Set Default Windows / OS On Dual Boot PC


My PC was a dual boot PC, i mean i configured it to run two OS by installing two Windows on it which i always select which OS to use on start-up either Windows 7 or Windows 8 but one day i mistakenly set Windows 7 as my default OS which i don’t fancy the boot screen layout, so i changed the default OS to Windows 8 from Windows 7 which i will be showing you here how i did it.

Setting a default OS is helpful if you no longer use your old OS, or if you want to prevent the boot screen options from showing. This article will teach you how to set your default OS to boot automatically under any Windows.

With the help of screenshot, you’ll be able to understand it well…

1. Click on the Start menu > Control Panel.
2. Click System and Security.
3. Click Administrative Tools.
4. Click on System Configuration.

  • Choose Boot and select your desired windows and click on the Set as default button to change its default.
    5. Look at the Timeout settings and set this number to 0.
    6.Click OK and restart the PC.

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    5 Discussion to this post

    1. Azubik says:

      Nice tutorial, however, isn’t the dual OS on a single machine cause it to lag and misbehave? Just asking.

      • Hi Azubik;

        Yes the machine can misbehave but since I’ve been running multiple OS on my PC I’ve never experience any thing unusual Till now.

        Thanks for dropping by..

        • Azubik says:

          Great then, it worth trying out. whats actually the advantages of Windows 8 over Windows 7 and what are the requirements?

          I’m thinkng of upgrading mine soonest…hope I can downgrade should in case something didn’t work out fine.

          • There’s nothing great about Windows 8, infact lots of users detest it due to the missing start button which is replaced by a new, full screen, tablet-friendly tiled interface that isn’t really that great on a desktop computer. But fortunately enough one can bring the start Button back.

            And again its bad for gaming! Though I love windows 8 I still prefer windows 7 interface when working on my system.

            And again its not advisable for some dudes who just wanna check Facebook in pc. because there are some live update app on the full interface which auto connect and update itself though they can disks it but but not all of them can figure that out.

            Windows 8 is great, you can try it out, to downgrade I’m sure you know the way to install new windows. :-O

    2. ashfaq says:

      Nice post i was Searching for this Post Thanx.!

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