[Infographic] Advantages Of Responsive Web Design


For the past weeks, i’v been talking about what responsive design is and why you should use a responsive design on your website or blog and most of all i mention some online tools to check a responsive website, here comes another infographics on responsive web design.

This infographic explains the key features of responsive web design, usages and market share, and highlight its importance as an element of the “now web”.


image credit: We Want Traffic

Aseize Okaztle


Aseize Okaztle

I'm a part-time tech blogger, i write anything readable, apart from tech blogging i love everything about entertainment..

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2 Discussion to this post

  1. A website should be able to fit any device it is viewed on. As a developer, I prefer a fluid website to a responsive one.

    Nice infographic by the way.

  2. Irfan khan says:

    You describe is really well mister. i like it very much. Thumb up to. A lot more then thanks for sharing it.

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