Ever since Adsense has introduced Wire Transfer, people have been getting confused as to whether they can receive their earnings with their Bank savings account or do they need to have a Dom Account before they are eligible to receive theirs. so now i’m going to explain everything here and i’ll show you the screenshot from where i added my account on Adsense.


Few months back Adsense Introduced Bank Wire Transfer and since then it has been possible for Nigeria to receive payment directly into their bank account but some do says they only pays in to a DOM ACCOUNT which i simply disagree. I personally received my Earnings with my UBA savings account.

How I Setup My Adsense Account To Pay Directly Into Nigeria UBA Savings Account

Mostly everything was already explained on this post

After logging in to your Adsense Account. Go to Payment Settings and clcik on Add new form of payment.
After that it’ll display a form to inpute your details, fill it as shown in the image below and save. with this SWIFT CODE UNAFNGLA (this is UBA primary SWIFT CODE without the branch location code) Check the Full List Of Swift Code for your Bank Swift code.

The payment should arrive to your account within 24 hours after payment has been proccessed. It’ll arrive in Naira.

This article is solely explained with UBA, As you can see with the Help of this tutorial, this should now give you 100% assurance that other Bank can also received it with Savings Account.


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