How I Received My Adsense Earnings With Nigeria UBA Savings Account


Ever since Adsense has introduced Wire Transfer, people have been getting confused as to whether they can receive their earnings with their Bank savings account or do they need to have a Dom Account before they are eligible to receive theirs. so now i’m going to explain everything here and i’ll show you the screenshot from where i added my account on Adsense.


Few months back Adsense Introduced Bank Wire Transfer and since then it has been possible for Nigeria to receive payment directly into their bank account but some do says they only pays in to a DOM ACCOUNT which i simply disagree. I personally received my Earnings with my UBA savings account.

How I Setup My Adsense Account To Pay Directly Into Nigeria UBA Savings Account

Mostly everything was already explained on this post

After logging in to your Adsense Account. Go to Payment Settings and clcik on Add new form of payment.
After that it’ll display a form to inpute your details, fill it as shown in the image below and save. with this SWIFT CODE UNAFNGLA (this is UBA primary SWIFT CODE without the branch location code) Check the Full List Of Swift Code for your Bank Swift code.

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The payment should arrive to your account within 24 hours after payment has been proccessed. It’ll arrive in Naira.

This article is solely explained with UBA, As you can see with the Help of this tutorial, this should now give you 100% assurance that other Bank can also received it with Savings Account.


Aseize Okaztle


Aseize Okaztle

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81 Discussion to this post

  1. Okay, thank you. I am already in the process of opening a GTBANK dom account cos I heard GTBANK does not allow naira saving account anymore. I don’t even know if I should try UBA sef. In between I just received mt adesense pin last week.

  2. Onome says:

    Do not bother using GTB. I filled out my payment form using GTB details and I ve not seen anything in a week.

    • Hi, Onome;

      Sorry for that, I also receive complain that GTB doesn’t convert the money to Naira but just hang at Dollar.

      I think now, it’s best advised to go for a UBA savings account..

      Thanks for stopping by anyway.

  3. Antonio says:

    Nice Info you’ve placed here @okaztle..
    Pls, do you know anybody who’ve received theirs with Zenith Bank before??
    Thats the bank I use and wish to Withdraw mine with it..


    • Hi Antonio;

      I haven’t receive any info/complain from any Zenith Bank users. You can follow the steps above and set it up.

      thanks for stopping by, do come back again.

  4. How many banking days after you received the money though?

  5. onome says:

    Ecobank Nigeria also receives from google direct to savings account.

    After my GTbank method failed, i switch my settings to Ecobank and i was paid.

  6. idara says:

    I just got my pin when would I b paid pls

  7. idara says:

    I hav over 200$ there I dont get the threshold stuff. I just got d pin yesterday. d threshold am seeing is 100$

  8. idara says:

    hav over 200$ there I dont get the threshold stuff. I just got d pin yesterday. d threshold am seeing is 100$

  9. idara says:

    yes thou I changed the account to my Uba account yesterday

  10. idara says:

    ok thanks bro I appreciate

  11. idara says:

    yes I did

  12. Lekksite says:

    If i use Uba Savings account, will it be converted to Naira Immediately and how much will they charge if i want to withdraw

  13. Anonymouse says:

    Pls i recieve my payment with Another person’s Bank account

  14. onyeme loveday says:

    Please can you help me and check if first bank or diamond bank can receive the money directly without DOM account

  15. Akanbi Taiwo says:

    Pls can i receive dollar from any online outfit into my uba saving account.Will i be paid in dollar or naira.

    • As far as I know, you can receive payment from any online platform using your UBA Naira Account and it’ll converted to naira on arriving to your account… That’s how Adsense pay…

  16. shutdown brown says:

    bro please i have not recieve my july payment in august with my uba savings acct my google sent it to me on 22 august 2014 but i have not seen it what d problem

    • You should receive it in less than 30min from now, if not, it can’t exceed this week because a friend of mine just receive an alert from UBA less than 20min ago.

  17. shutdown brown says:

    thanks bro! I just got this

    By:26-AUG-2014 13:55:44
    FDBCK?CAL 012808

  18. Jumix says:

    Hello, I entered my GTB savings account and nothing has shown. Can this mistake be corrected or the money sent wont be resend anymore. Is there anything I can do to get the money deliver safely possibly with another account. If I add another bank account, will they move the money there? Please OKaztle help me

    • If the payment doesn’t arrive in a week! Adsense had provided you with a reference number, just log if to your adsense and navigate to the payment history page and click on the last payment! You’ll see the number and then go to your bank to Lodge complain…

      • Lekksite says:

        @Jumix you can be patient for some time, change your payment method to another bank details and you will get your payment by next week or next two weeks, this happened to me also

  19. Solomon says:

    Pls any info about access bank? I have access and Gtb accounts but since Gtb is not usable for now, can you help me check if access bank can be used to receive my earnings. Thanks for this post

  20. shutdown brown says:

    Thank God first for the idea.
    okaztle God will reward u heavily.

    I cant just imagine small me earning money. Chaii God is good.

    Small me having more than 400k from google adsense.


  21. mark emezue says:

    Please I will like to know how uba charges cus I received just a little above 10000naira for a $100 wire this normal? Considering dollar is close to 165naira

  22. Nj says:

    Boss am kinda new with this Google AdSense thing, so am yet to receive my payment yet, what i need to know is, Can i get my first payment through wire transfer. Am yet t receive an address pin verifying my address, so i choose wire transfer and have addeda every needed bank details. Will i be able to receive my payment through my bank without the address verification pin?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Mr Asieze.

    I was told i could verify my address by uploading a valid id that has my picture and the address. Please how true is this and what is the process like. Many thanks

  24. Akpouto f. says:

    Mr okaztle pls can i receive adsense payment with my uba africard.

  25. naijadivaexpress says:

    I don’t think you are right! I ve done what you teach here only to be told now that a dom acct is necessary. Can you argue against this with aim to convince ignoramuses beyond reasonable doubt?

    • Well, things might have changed because adsense changes everything anytime.

      Maybe you should try and follow the procedure well once again.

      • Mr M says:

        I am quite new to this adsense stuff how do I go about getting an adsense account presently? What method works? I made a video and uploaded it an adsense account was approved but when I tried associating with a non-hosting account things are not working. I just see a notification to put code on my website I have put the code but after 3 days notification left and no response or method whatsoever. I then use a different email to apply from the very beginning but so far no response from them even though they said 6-8hours when I applied so what do i do? Really expecting your reply thanks

  26. Abiodun says:

    Good article. You are my mentor.

  27. Ekeh Favour says:

    Pls I,m yet to start adsense but i have a blog on a sub-domain with little traffics about 30 per-week. Do google approve adsense on a blogspot blog? I a GTB DOM account. Pls your suggestion. Thanks.

  28. Christopher says:

    I have an adsense account but i’ve not received any pin, how do i apply for the pin

    • Go to payment history if they didn’t ask you to set your pin delivery address.

      • Ola says:

        Hello Aseize Okaztle, my adsense payment into my First Bank account is in process, but I’m scared right now as I read one of your comments that First Bank won’t accept it. Please how do I go about this? Thanks and stay blessed.

  29. Olaa says:

    Sir.. Is Uba savings account still receiving the adsense payment?

  30. s2dk says:

    Thanks for your prompt responses. My own adsense account doesn’t show payment method.

  31. davchuks says:

    Please du you have a link that shows how google adsense works?.I heard of it but don’t have enough knowledge

  32. ebuka ike says:

    please admin what is the uba swift code I will put. for nnwewi.should I just put uba swift code or or put uba nnewi swift code

    • Put the lagos swift code, for more Please check the list of swit code we provided and check the comments. We answered this question already.

      • ebuka ike says:

        Admin I just need to know whether I should put the swift code for nnewi UNAFNGLA160 orlagos swift code only UNAFNGLA

  33. ebuka ike says:

    admin I put the swift code you gave for nnewi there UNAFNGLA160 .should I change it Lagos or is it OK to receive payment

    • Nj says:

      @Ebuka where in NNEWI are you?, maybe i can help you in person.

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