PayPal Now Accepts Nigeria: 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Register Now


Good News!!! Nigerians internet users can now create and access paypal without the fear of getting ban due to ip or something because officially PayPal entered 10 countries this week, 3 African nations — Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and Zimbabwe and five European markets — Belarus, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco and Montenegro, and also Paraguay including Nigeria, providing online payment alternatives for consumers via mobile phones or PCs.

This is long term dream everybody has been dreaming about, thanks to all who sign the petition to support paypal for nigeria and all who follow the Paypal Nigeria hashtag on twitter and now they’v listen to us by providing us with the access to use paypal.

Anybody from or in these countries can now legally use PayPal like other countries does around the world, but before you can decide on whether to create a Nigeria paypal account there are certain limitations in place for now which can hold you back from registering and thats the more reason why this article came up, below i’ll be highlighting the reasons why i can or you should not rush over to the registration page all in the name of “PayPal has allowed Nigeria, let me register and start transacting right away” there are 3 bad news and 1 good new from this paypal nigeria.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Register A Nigeria Paypal Account As Of Now

1. Can’t Send Or Receive Money

Currently as of now, you can’t send money directly to other PayPal users and vise versa (you can’t receive payments directly with your PayPal account). I guess PayPal is trying to be on the safe side and see how it goes before allowing users in these countries full access to their services.

2. Can’t Link Nigerian Debit Cards

I’m pretty sure, since yesterday some of my facebook friends have been complaining of being unable to link their card to their paypal account, they’ve tried GTB Mastercard and it was unsuccessful, it displays error as shown in the image below.

Update: 19/06/2014 (2. Can’t Link Nigerian Debit Cards)

You Can Now Successfully Link GTB Master Card, UBA Africard, and Any Master card from any bank.

3. Can’t Link Bank Account

Theres also a problem linking bank account to your nigerian paypal account, i’ve tried adding my bank account but all i see was “Bank account isn’t available, paypal doesn’t offer this feature at the moment.

I’ve seen many people on facebook embracing this as a welcome development with a very huge hope that the service would be fully rolled out for Nigerians in future while others are very disappointed with the limitations.

Now that i’v highlighted the bad ones out the 4 news, whats the good news all about?

The good news is that you can check out on any merchant websites using PayPal as method of payment and pay securely using their credit or debit cards without their financial details being exposed as claimed by PayPal this is free for users and any charge would be covered by the merchant.

And now let me show you why it’s useless now! (you can’t link your card, bank and can’t receive money!)

Now tell me how you’ll get it funded in order to fulfill the good news???

This is not bad at all for a start considering the hassles we have gone through when purchasing stuffs online. Hoping that other services will be included real soon.

Your Turn : Conclusions

As an online businessman and internet marketer, some of the most used method of payment is paypal and before now most of you might have been running paypal using proxies or VPN and now that Nigeria has been accepted into the program, what would you do with your foreign account? Is this the right time to ditch your foreign account for nigerian account?

As for me i’m still very much enjoying my USA and CHINA account than to ditch it for nigerian account with less features.

Aseize Okaztle


Aseize Okaztle

I'm a part-time tech blogger, i write anything readable, apart from tech blogging i love everything about entertainment..

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52 Discussion to this post

  1. jeeb says:

    I think is not any news! We are already OK receiving and making payments with Perfect Money easy, anonymous, and less fee. Paypal charges almost 5% on received fund which is a crazy thing..

    I will stick to PM

  2. zlio says:

    if you register to paypal from Moldova or from Nigeria: you can not send and receive money.

    Then, why to register? only for checking up paypal merchants????

    paypal is discriminating nations, Ukranians and Romanaians are very famous by their hackers and they can have full access to paypal, while Moldovan do not…..

    Shame on Paypal…………..

    • jeeb says:

      Why shame on paypal? Paypal is a company that reserve the right to decide how its portal is to be used.
      If Nigeria is not supported, what set back is it to you when there are so many options to chose from?

      They simply dont want to point their ash there.. period

  3. Lex says:

    Pleaae update your ppst again. You can checkout using paypal while paying with your linked debit card in nigeria.

    • @Lex this post doesn’t go against that. What you’ve got wrong is where I said you can’t transfer to another account in Nigeria with the PayPal!

  4. Andre says:

    There’s no harm registering even with those features turned off… Paypal is safer than just using your Debit card on the internet.

  5. jaobi says:

    then its basically still useless to us

  6. Boluji says:

    It seems you can pay and receive payment through paypal now. I have verified my account with my card.though I have not tried any payment since been verified.

    • Gideon says:

      The whole thing is a sham. I have registered for Paypal;even verified my master card. My account is showing verified, yet I can’t send money.Each time I try to send money to someone in U.S.A it shows ‘transaction cannot be completed’.I tried contacting paypal, and followed their instructions yet without success. It seems to me that as of now, u can make make payment for goods through marchant sites, but cant send money directly to another paypal user

  7. Victor says:

    PayPal in Nigeria is working perfectly, i have paid so many websites including facebook for my facebook adverts and some other movie sites to download movies with PayPal and it use my linked credit card. GTB actually. So please update your POST.

    You can transfer to other accounts, yes, you can transfer directly from your Linked Credit/Debit card. I transferred some funds to some one about last week. And also you can receive money not just the receive money way. E.g if you pay GeekNG $25 using PayPal through your Linked Card. GeekNG can refund you the $25 and PayPal will send it back to your card which is as good as your bank account which is indirectly receiving money.

    They just deliberately did it this way for now(send only) to see how things go. Before they enter fully.

    • It seems you didn’t get what this post is passing across well. You can’t send direct transfer rather on party merchant.

      Try and decode that clearly.

      • Victor says:

        And it seems you dont get my comment. Decode it well too, you can send direct transfers too.. Read my comment over.

        You can do all “Send” features on PayPal except the Receive aspect. So still edit your post. Nigerians *Should* Register.

        • Hi, Victor;

          Thanks for the concern, we will surely update this post as soon as we confirmed it from our side and from other people using Paypal from Nigeria.


  8. Jamesy says:

    Thanks for that info

  9. Pastor Sam says:

    In simple, clear and unambiguous terms…, can you state the capabilities of registering as a merchant?

    As a merchant, can we accept payments/donations? If yes
    1) Must our customers/church members be a registered member of PayPal?
    2) Is there any means to collect/transfer our money to our bank accounts?
    3) As a techgeek, what do you suggest; PayPal or other web payment processors….

    Thanks in advance…
    God bless you

    • As a merchants i don’t think you can receive money with Paypal Nigeria since the option is not available yet

      1. Yes, customers need to be a member of Paypal too, if they want to pay with Paypal.
      2. No, with the current status of Paypal Nigeria, since you can’t send or receive money, that might no the possible but if you wish to be qualified for that features, kindly visit any Branch of First Bank in your area and ask more about First Bank Paypal (FirstOnline), i guess they have their way of enabling you to transfer your money to your account.
      3. Well, Paypal is the safest of all but there are also payment processors like payza, moneeybooker, perfect money (i use this) but to find buyers for all this alternative payment processors might be quiet difficult than Paypal.

      If you want your church members to pay via paypal. i may advice you to open an international paypal account and all your members need to do is register a Nigeria paypal account, link their ATM card, visit your church website and pay with their paypal Nigeria account in which the money will be deducted from their account number.

      Please send us a mail for further questions…

  10. Friday Demola says:

    Hello, thanks for updating this article, but I want you to approach your commentors as a professional who knows what he is doing. Give room to others to express their opinions, because you haven’t heard the latest news doesn’t make what they are saying wrong. Reply back to comments as a professional even though you are a part-time tech blogger, do not argue because it may drive away your visitors.


  11. Kewal Singh says:

    Time will tell when Nigerian scammers will use Paypal over their preferred Western Union.

    • Jeeb says:

      Kewal Singh, from India you are a fool.. Indian scammers have been using paypal and local bank account for years..

  12. Igniti monday says:

    Can i transfer fund to my paypal account from Zenith bank account in Nigeria from local bank. And can i receive money from paypal to my local bank account? Please emai me the steps i can use to fund d account if possuble. Thanks

    • As of now, I don’t think you can do all this but your can successfully make transaction online by linking your debit MasterCard to your PayPal account. But I guess if you want to send and receive money using PayPal to your bank account, first bank seems to make that possible. Contact the bank for more on it.

  13. Identical says:

    wont info, you can verify with you master card, which every bank issue. and now you can link ur bank if you have a firstbank saving account

    i have used GTbank Master Card, i have linked my UBA master card and i have being using it to transact online.
    so you should confirm before giving out wrong information

  14. Micheal says:

    It’s easy via Firstbank Verification

  15. John says:

    I have paypal in Nigeria i can send money but i can receive money why if i can receive money it is not useful

  16. JOSHUA says:


    • If you want an account which you’ll be able to transfer your funds to from Paypal, visit first bank for more enquirers.

  17. Lydia says:

    That means i can’t receive online payment with paypal??

  18. Lydia.. says:

    Hmmm… Speechless.. That means if i want a paypal account,i shouldn’t put Nigeria right? But thanks for the info. Will still go and ask.

  19. Lydia says:

    Uhmm thanks for the advice.. But please,if i open the account carrying like U.S. Will i be able to cash the money down here in Nigeria? Please i hope am not asking too many questions. Thanks.

  20. T.j says:

    Hello i opened a paypal acount and am to be paid end of the month pls if my u.s company snds d money wil it enter?

  21. T.j says:

    Owh really?? Wat abt if it remains unverified?

  22. T.j says:

    Owh really? Tnx jawe my guy God bless you! Pls wat abt payza, egop ay nd pm! Ar dey alzo free in nigeria?

  23. chika says:

    If my online survey comp. Pay in my PayPal acct. does it mean drs is no way I can cash in Nigeria even if I use a U.S I.p. To survey.

    • Yes, since you can’t receive funds with Nigeria PayPal.

      • chika says:

        Dt means Nigeria can’t partake in d survey or email or any other that has to do with PayPal, since funds can not be cashed, an please suggest an online biz for me and mode of cashing, I need seriously

  24. chika says:

    Ds means naija can participate in survey, n email reading n all other PayPal supported biz, please can U suggest a biz 4me n mode of payment

  25. Isi Junior says:

    please… thanks for this post. I need a PayPal account that can send and receive funds. Is there anyway you could help me get a US PayPal account. please I await your reply. . thanks

  26. Oxygen says:

    pls i open a Nigeria paypal account but the issue is , i do online survey and will those site pay d cash into the paypal account and if the cash canot b received as a nigerian can d cash b use to buy goods online or used for shoping pls guide me through

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